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Date added: 02/09/2017 Clevo P870KM-G and P870KM1-G with new Intel Z270 chipset are available now!
Date added: 02/09/2017 Clevo N850HC and N870HC are available now!
Date added: 01/17/2017 Clevo New Models with nVidia GTX 1050 and 1050Ti are available now!

1. with nVidia GTX 1050 2GB: N850HJ, N855HJ

2. with nVidia GTX 1050 4GB: N870HJ1

3. with nVidia GTX 1050Ti 4GB: N850HK1, N870HK1

Date added: 01/05/2017 New Clevo Models with Intel 7th Generation Processor are available Now!

Please check the following models:






Date added: 11/18/2016 120Hz 5ms FHD Matte LCD with G-Sync option in P650RS-G and P750DM2-G models are available on 11/30/2016
Date added: 09/26/2016 3K 120Hz 5ms LCD is available in Clevo P870DM2 and P870DM3 models.
Date added: 08/15/2016 Clevo new models, P750DM2-G, P775DM3-G, P870DM2/3, P650RP6, P670RP6, P650RS-G, P670RS-G Laptop, are available now!
Date added: 08/15/2016 nVidia GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 video card are available in Clevo P series models now!
Date added: 05/26/2016 17.3" 4K LCD is available on Clevo P870DM-G model.
Date added: 02/05/2016 New Promotions are available now!

Promotions on
Clevo Complete Series:

1. $50 Instant Rebate on P641RE-C, P650RE-C, P670RE-C, P650RG-GC, P670RG-GC, P750DM-C, P770DM-C, P750DM-GC, P770DM-GC, P870DM-GC

2. N155RD-C and N170RD-C: Video Card Free Upgrade from nVidia GTX 960M to 965M - $50 Saving.

3. $50 off if total is over $1200 on the following models: N240JU-C, W650RZ-C, W670RZQ-C, W650RC-C, W670RCQ-C, N155RD-C, N170RD-C

Promotions on Clevo Barebone Series:

P750DM-G, P770DM-G: $50 off if you upgrade video card from nVidia 970M to 980M.

Special Deal:

1. up to $150 Saving on P750DM-GS, P770DM-GS, P650RE-S, P670RE-S, and P650RG-S.

2. up to $200 Saving on P870DM-GS, P670RG-S