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Date added: 03/03/2021 nVidia RTX 3080 16GB is available in Clevo PC50DS and PC70DS models Now!!!
Date added: 02/23/2021 Clevo New Model PC50DP, PC50DR, PC70DP, PC70DR with nVidia RTX 3060 or 3070 Video are available now!
Date added: 02/11/2021 nVidia RTX 3060 is available on Clevo NH58DPQ and NH77DPQ models now!
Date added: 11/24/2020 Clevo'c New Model NL50RU, with AMD Ryzen 4500U or 4700U CPU, 15.6" FHD LCD Laptop is available now!
Date added: 10/29/2020 New Intel 11th Generation Mobile CPU are available in Clevo NV41MZ and NV41MB-D Models now!
Date added: 09/15/2020 Clevo's new model NK50SZ is available now!
Date added: 07/25/2020 Clevo's New Model X170SM-G, supports Intel 10th Generation Desktop CPU, is available now!
Date added: 06/20/2020 Clevo's New Models, PC50DD2, PC50DF1 and PC50DN2 are available now, and PC50DN2 has the most powerful RTX 2080 Supper video card
Date added: 04/28/2020 Clevo's new models, NH58DBQ, PB51DF2, NH77DEQ, NH77DCQ and NH77DDW are available now!
Date added: 04/16/2020 Clevo New AMD Models NH58AC and NH58AF1 are available now!