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Date added: 06/29/2012 nVidia GTX 680M 4GB Video Card is available in Clevo P150EM and P170EM model now!
Date added: 06/04/2012 Ivy Bridge Dual Core CPU is available now!
Date added: 05/17/2012 ATI 7970M 2GB Video Card is available on Clevo P150EM and P170EM now!
Date added: 04/08/2012 Clevo New Models, P150EM, P151EM, P170EM and W25AES are available now!
Date added: 03/23/2012 $50 Discount on Clevo Model P150HM with ATI 6990M Video Card
Date added: 03/23/2012 Pre-Order $50 discount on Clevo model P151HM, P170HM and P270WM
Date added: 03/22/2012 Clevo P270WM 17.3" Model, with Intel newest X79 chipset, and nVidia newest GTX 675M video card is ready to take pre-order now!
Date added: 12/07/2011 $50 Discount Coupon is available for Clevo X7200 model now!
Date added: 11/07/2011 ATI 6990M video card is available in P180HM model now!
Due to complicity, we only offer P180HM with dual ATI 6990M as a complete build laptop model (with CPU/memory/hard drive installed).
Date added: 10/26/2011 Hard Drive price is going up due to the flood in Thailand