About our company

R&J Technology is a mail-order based company founded in Diamond Bar, CA, since 1995. Our well trained sales representatives all have over 5 years experience in the PC industry. This allows us to offer you the best service and prices on net.

Our goal is to provide the best possible prices and services on the net. Unlike other internet stores (which only allow customers to place orders using email, and raise their advertised price up to 10% if you want to order by phone--if you can find a phone number at all), R&J Technology always welcomes our customers to use whatever ordering method he or she likes--email, ground mail, or our toll-free 800 phone service.

As you can see, we are keeping our prices as low as possible to be the one of the best price on net. There's a lot of people asking why your prices are so great. The reasons are:

  1. We are focusing our product lines on barebone notebook kits right now, customers can use their cpu, memory and hard drive from their previous notebook or get it from auction site like eBay, then put it to our barebone notebook. This way you can have the most flexibility in your budget and the notebook you want.

  2. Due to our wholesale experience, we have several excellent suppliers. We also have an assembly factory here to assure excellent workmanship and prices. This also allows us to do repair jobs in-house.

  3. We don't have significant overhead since we market our products mainly on the Internet. We can keep our profits low and update our prices whenever the market price is moving--unlike those big firms, with overstocking problems. That's why they can not reflect the market price immediately.

We are getting over 6000 hits per month now, and keep growing steadily--thanks to you who visit us, whether you purchased something or not! We will do our best to keep moving forward to reach the next level in affordability and customer service. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us.