Video Card Heatsink for P870xM

Price: $80.00

  • 1st Video Card (Part#6-31-P872N-202/203) 
  • Enhanced 1st Video Card (Part#6-31-P872N-401) (+$20.00)
  • 2nd Video Card (Part#6-31-P872N-302/304) 
  • Dual Video Card (+$120.00)
  • Normally ready to ship in 5-7 business days 
  • This item is not returnable. 

1. This item is not returnable.

2. The enhanced 1st Video Card Heatsink will occupy the 2nd card heatsink space for better heat transfer, so you need to replace this heatsink if you want to add 2nd video card later.

3. Dual Card heatsink version will be different depending on your laptop model, both P870KM1 and P870TM1 are using Vapor Chamber heatsink. Please be aware that CPU heatsink are different in these two models.